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How to use Kaiwu Chat in the right way?

Kaiwu Chat is a distinctive application that utilizes the GPT-4 API for generating responses but stands apart from standard ChatGPT GPTs.

Here's how to make the most of it:

  • Understand the Knowledge Base: Kaiwu Chat draws from a specialized knowledge base, including sustainability topics, the internet, Wikipedia, arXiv papers, and user-uploaded documents. Familiarize yourself with these sources to understand the breadth of information available. See RAG-101: How does Kaiwu work?

  • Use Toggles for Source Control: You have the power to select which sources Kaiwu Chat uses in its responses. Utilize the toggles to tailor the information to your specific needs – whether it's professional knowledge, internet browsing, academic research, or personal documents.

  • Manage Your Chat History: Kaiwu Chat saves your conversation history. This feature allows you to revisit past discussions, a useful tool for tracking your inquiries or revisiting previous information. Use the option to start new chats for different topics or threads, keeping your conversations organized.

  • Deleting Chats: For privacy or clarity, you can delete chats. This feature helps in managing your data and keeping your conversation history relevant and streamlined.

  • Interacting with Kaiwu Chat: Beyond these features, interacting with Kaiwu Chat is similar to ChatGPT. Pose questions or prompts, and the AI will generate responses based on the selected sources and its AI capabilities. See 10 tips to get the best of Kaiwu GPT for guidance of prompting!


Kaiwu Chat is particularly powerful for sustainability-related topics, given its specialized knowledge base. Leveraging this focus can significantly enhance your research, learning, or professional work in this field.


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