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Made for professionals and academics

Kaiwu in ChatGPT Plus

Each of your message gets a response with knowledge of sustainability

You are able to know (almost) everything about sustainability

A Powerful AI Partner for Research & Work

DALL·E 2023-10-16 16.47.27 - Photo of a female scientist of Asian descent, sitting at a de

Turn on your laptop, and login to Kaiwu

Unlock the power to save 2 hours daily*, be ever-prepared for unexpected urgent tasks, and grasp knowledge swiftly and elegantly, with unprecedent professional information retrieval experiences. 

Kaiwu GPT is constructed based on the technology of RAG, working as the search engine of the AI era.

* Estimated by test users.

Wide-range information sources

Kaiwu GPT responses to your message leveraging information from multiple sources and its own common sense, at your combination.

Professional knowledge base **




Your own documents

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DALL·E 2023-10-16 22.06.58 - Photo of a
DALL·E 2023-10-16 23.04.50 - High-resolution photo of a white woman standing next to a sta

Ultimate experiences

Kaiwu GPT powered by GPT-4 with DALL-E, Browsing, and Data Analysis, is able to set your imagination free.

Response with retrieved professional knowledge

** With a large, high-quality, expanding, and updating knowledge base

All about sustainability
All for professionalism


> 600,000

pieces of literature, patents, reports, etc., in the field of sustainability

> 20 billion

words of professional information, embedded as vectors

- powered by TianGong Open-source AI -

Best practice for sustainability

Can not access ChatGPT Plus?

 Kaiwu Chat

A conversational search engine independent from ChatGPT, with professional knowledge.

Beta test


Free, unlimited beta test until Jan, 2024

Search knowledge base of sustainability

Search Internet

Save chat history

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